Farmacia Toschi – an Ancient Bolognese Pharmacy

A number of very old pharmacies are still operating in Bologna. The oldest is reputedly Farmacia Contavalli at number 5 Via Mentana, dating back as a business to the 14th century.

However  Farmacia Toschi,  located at 89 Via San Felice, is unique in that alongside the modern pharmacy is preserved a room where we can get a glimpse into the world of the 18th century.

Farmacia Toschi Bologna
The 18th century interior of Farmacia Toschi

Adorning the walls are over 140 majolica vases, part of a larger collection, which have been dated to 1775.

Farmacia Toschi Bologna
The majolica vases have been dated to 1775.

It’s believed that these vases were made for the apothecary Pietro Galli, proprietor at the time, by the Viennese Fink brothers who then were operating in Bologna. They used a “third firing” process to produce a porcelain effect.

Farmacia Toschi Bologna majolica vases
The majolica vases are decorated in red, purple and violet with green and brown trim.

The beautiful interior is constructed using cherry wood.

Farmacia Toschi Bologna
Concoctions to cure any aches and pains

Also preserved are furniture and equipment from later centuries.

Farmacia Toschi Bologna
Pharmaceutical paraphernalia

The business was purchased by an ancestor of the current owners, Geltrude Conti Toschi, in 1852.

toschi 4
Another corner of the pharmacy

It’s well worth the walk down Via San Felice to visit this little capsule of history! Along the way you’ll pass many shoe shops, boutiques and jewellers.

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