For years traveling through Italy, our only glimpse of Bologna was from the railway station as we passed through. Then some years ago we visited a relative of my wife’s who was studying at Bologna’s ancient university.

Our eyes were opened to the charms of this medieval city with its endless porticoes, good food and long history. In this blog I’ll bring to you various aspects of life in Bologna and some fascinating glimpses of the city’s history.

You can spend many hours walking around Bologna and nearby places visiting the places mentioned in my posts.

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  1. On your comment on the Certosa
    In English a Certosa is a Carthusian monastery or Charterhouse named after the Grand Chartreuse near Grenoble. The architecture varies
    The monks are Carthusians.
    Cistercian is the name of another order founded by St Bernard their architecture is a simple Gothic with no frills


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