The Bell Tower of San Pietro, Bologna

Many visitors to Bologna assume that the massive basilica of San Petronio in Piazza Maggiore is, given its prominent position, the city’s cathedral. However, the cathedral church of San Pietro is a few hundred metres away in Via dell’Indipendenza where it has stood in one form or another for over a thousand years. The baroque... Continue Reading →

Rossini and Bologna

By the time he was in his late twenties, Gioacchino Rossini had left the poverty of his early life behind and had become one of the most famous and wealthiest composers in Europe. By the age of 39, he had almost ceased composing and had largely withdrawn from the world. My post looks at locations in Bologna redolent with his memory.

Bologna’s Medieval Elevated Tombs

A visitor to Bologna is likely to come across one or both of two groups of curious elevated tombs while wandering around the city. Who do they commemorate and why were they accorded such prominent recognition ? The answer lies with the origins of the University and importance and wealth of its law professors.

Bologna “La Rossa”

One of Bologna's nicknames is "Bologna la Rossa" or "Bologna the Red". Red is the characteristic colour of a city built of brick with terracotta used for roofing as well as rich architectural detailing and art works.

The Fountain of Neptune

Along with the ‘twin towers’, the fountain of Neptune has for centuries been a symbol of Bologna. It’s recently undergone a remarkable restoration.

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