Antica Drogheria della Pioggia – A Traditional Italian Grocery

The Drogheria della Pioggia is one of those delightful little Bologna shops upholding a long tradition and making a fascinating place to visit.

Bologna Drogheria della Pioggia
There’s been a drogheria on this spot for over 400 years

The Italian word ‘Drogheria’ commonly translates to ‘Grocery Store’ but it is quite different to the English speaking idea of such a store.

Bologna Drogheria della Pioggia
You never know what you’ll find in here.

Amongst the reputedly 12,000 different items packed into this small space you’ll find sweets, chocolates and biscuits,

Bologna Drogheria della Pioggia

wine and  balsamic vinegar,


drogheria vinegar
An expensive little bottle of fine balsamic vinegar



tinned and bottled products,

Drogheria della Pioggia Bologna
Spot the Vegemite!

detergents, brooms, brushes, boot polish, tea and coffee.


drogheria brooms
The cleaning corner


A few years ago I was delighted to see that they even stocked Vegemite, a favourite spread for us Australians and almost impossible to find overseas.

The current owners, the Sarti family, have recently celebrated 50 years of operating the store, however it’s been on this site since the year 1610.

Bologna Drogheria della Pioggia
One of the friendly staff

In addition to the ability to find products not available elsewhere,  the friendly service is one attribute that keeps this place popular. On our last visit, even with a store full of people stocking up on Christmas specialities, they were very happy to take the time to gift wrap a delightfully old fashioned tin box of torrone or nougat for us.

Bologna Drogheria della Pioggia
Gift wrapping is no problem

If you’re in Bologna, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this lovely little Aladdin’s cave of a store and buy something to remember your visit. It’s located on the corner of Via Galliera and Via de’Falegnami.

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